Friday, October 21, 2011

The Shagnasties

Tank is sick. I. Mean. Sick. As in, if he doesn't pass his physical today he will be hospitalized. Mommy is sad. And busy holding a baby. Today I am MOM! Go BE!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

You just THINK I've been slacking!

This is most of the things I've been compiling/organizing for the upcoming months of projects. I've got my ideas for gifts/house/personal projects coming out of my ears and I'm way excited. I've found that putting my family first right now is paramount for my happiness as well as my little minions. Bubby is having a way hard time now that Mr. ITICB is gone all the time. His neediness = my playing catch up all day long. I get it, I'm okay with it, and I embrace the fact that I'm loved.

BUT... that being said, I also am trying desperately to find projects that I can do WHILE I watch/play with/attend to the needs of said minions.

So, here is the break down of upcomingness...

Curtains for the kitchen and family room
Wall art for my family room
Vinyl for the bulk head in the family room... eyesore that has to be prettified!
Front door wreath
ABC bean bags (going to be a Christmas present for Bubby)
Tank's flannel blanket (also a Christmas present)
Shhhhh... Christmas present for amazing friends
Shhhhh... Christmas present for amazing family
Crochet School... I've been silently stalking it... Look here if ya wanna join. It's frankly AWESOME and I love the Crafty Minx.
Halloween costume. I'm gonna be a book fairy.
A rag rug for under my kitchen table. I've always wanted one... I found a tutorial... I WILL make one.
A tie skirt... or something fun made out of DI ties.
ABC wall art for the kid's rooms.
I'm also going to do a "tree of life" for my kid's bedroom. I'll paint the tree on the wall free hand and then I have 11 pictures in awesome frames that I'm going to hang off the branches. As they grow I can trade out the pictures for different things they like. As of now I'm going to put different religious, and family pictures in them.

So, since I'm kinda notorious for starting things and not finishing them I need to actually finish these things.



Saturday, October 1, 2011

This week has been a whirlwind. I'm doing a lot of adjusting in my life because of the changes that just keep coming. I'm grateful for these changes, but holy cow... it's wild!

So, in order to make my life a little bit less hectic I'm trying out a new way of cooking... the CROCK POT! I love to eat and so does Mr. ITICB, our two boys are looking like they are following suit... so since I barely have 2 minutes to rub together any given day, the crock pot is turning into my favorite kitchen gadget.

This past week I've made 3 meals with it. Since our boys are little and eat small amounts, it makes for good eating all week long with leftovers for lunch. I've also found that I love Crock Pot Girls (don't judge them by their ugly website, they are in the process of changing it). I've found good recipes on their website and am following them on Facebook.

So here are my recipes of the week:
1) Chicken and Dumplings
          Ironically I've never had it before. It is a good starter recipe because the most you have to do is cut up an onion and dump in frozen chicken. It's quite good and way easy. It's going on the list of once a month comfort foods.
2) Cafe Rio Chicken
          Although it doesn't taste like Cafe Rio's chicken to me... It's still quite tasty. I've put it in quesadillas, burritos and on a salad with ranch dressing. But I have to repeat... It isn't Cafe Rio's chicken... Just yummy chicken that tastes great.
3) Paula Dean's Taco Soup
          I LOVE this recipe. Not only does the woman do good butter, but she does amazing comfort foods. My husband loves this recipe because it isn't a "one note" recipe. It has lots of flavor and gets better and better with time.

So this week I'm a Crock Potter!

Go BE!