Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Last Week's Madness

So this past week, I tackled what IMHO is one of the great uglies of my home. The basement.

For many moons the basement has been the catch all. The place to put whatever it is that I have no idea where it will go, and yet I can't bring myself to throw away. (Familiar?)

Well... Last week we went from having all of this (which is in my garage now),

To looking like this!

After taking out all the treasures (crap), giving it a good dusting and few different vacuums, it is habitable. Over the next few weeks I will finish painting (I've started and the view you're looking at is the new paint. It used to be 3 different shades of white. We bought the house that way...)

Now it is a nice calming grey-blue that Mr. ITICB picked out.

It's his new office.

I'll let him have one.

We've always found this to be the weirdest room in the house. When it was finished off... let's just say there was no professional involved. In fact, I think a trained monkey might have done better. But it's a room, and Mr. ITICB needs an office so that he can go and seclude himself from the world while living through his MBA.

The exciting part for me is that I get the other half of the room!

This wonderful hole in the wall is going to serve the secondary purpose of being my craft/learning/I can think I can be ... room! Yay!

Now I'm going to be off... I've started another project so that I can get ready to post later this week. (I'm hoping.)

With 2 little boys, a new puppy, and a husband in his MBA program, I just might be the craziest chick I know for doing this blog too... but I'm actually hoping it will keep me sane.

Go figure...

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