Thursday, September 15, 2011

Freezer Jam

Most of my memories of childhood involve a TON of homemade food. My parents canned most everything, and froze the rest. My first home was an old farmhouse on 5 acres of land. 4 of those acres were rented out and 1 acre was there for my family of 9.

Yes... 9.

That's just the kids... not my parents.

So, it was imperative for my mom to know how to can. I just thought it was normal, until I got a little older and then thought it was just hard work.

As the kids all left and went to college, and dad got promotions, we canned a little less every year. But one thing we've always done is freezer jam.

So... bad and horrible true admission? I'm the youngest. I'm the spoiled one. I'm kinda built in lazy. Sooo I've never helped make the freezer jam before.


And now with my new gung-ho-I-can-do-this attitude, I decided that this year I'd help with the making of the freezer jam.

All 24 quarts of it.

It was AWESOME! I feel great about finding a new thing I can do to keep the traditions of my childhood for my kids. Especially the really yummy ones that happen to be easy peasy lemon squeezie!

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